New Initiatives

** New 2019-2020 CEG Initiatives**

Financial Freedom Night: This new series on financial literacy will feature representatives from various financial institutions who will conduct sessions according to the needs of the community. Some of our previous topics include small business loans, mortgage lending, Business and Personal Checking and Savings, IRA, Managing Credit: understanding credit bureaus, looking at your credit to review it. The purpose of Financial Freedom Night is to break down the barrier of access to financial services in our community so that wealth creation can become possible. This is an opportunity for people to enhance their financial knowledge and plan for the future; a future which could involve that new business or home ownership.

Quarterly Leadership Development: Building Capacity within the Church and Marketplace to become thriving churches and business. These Quarterly Leadership Development Sessions are part of the new programming of Collective Empowerment Group designed to assist the membership in executing our vision, Thriving Churches= Thriving Businesses= a Thriving City!

The CEG leadership recognizes the need to provide ongoing training for its membership to build self-confidence, wisdom and clarity while developing the essential skills and techniques to meet the challenges of effective leadership. Our world renowned Guest Facilitators provide insight, clarity of vision and a leadership philosophy rooted in service; all designed to assist our participation as they move to their next level. 


CEG Economic Development Conference: The CEG, in partnership with area bankers, government officials and businesses, presents and exciting and comprehensive training and networking events for the African American church, community, political and business leaders who are concerned about individuals and collective empowerment for underserved communities. This conference will empower those attendees with ways to become involved with real estate and economic development in our community. 

Power Breakfast Series:  The purpose of the power breakfast is to provide a unique opportunity for marketplace leaders, strategic partners and churches to network. The Power Breakfast series will feature some of the leaders in business, community development and civic engagement who will present keynotes to inspire and encourage transformational leadership. 


 CEG’s Free Food Sites for Kids:  This initiative was birthed during the Covid-19 National Pandemic when the Collective Empowerment Group realized that there was a need for children to be fed nutritious meals while they were so quickly removed from their school environment. We wanted to fill that gap and be a support to all families who had school age children.  Seven CEG Member Churches participated in the program and we connected with the Cincinnati Public School system. We delivered 6,900 meals in the first 4 weeks of the program.  We have a several other churches who have joined the program collectively who continue to feed children throughout the summer months. 

CEG’s Business Excellence Awards Gala