About Us

Who Are We?

The Collective Empowerment Group advocates the church as the most effective  vehicle to bring about economic empowerment, wealth building and a community of educated consumers.  The CEG, a Christian Ministry, draws together leaders from faith, business, and public service sectors to   develop and enhance economic empowerment strategies for our members and communities they serve.


The Collective Empowerment Group of Cincinnati has developed a “Strategic Partnership Program”.  Currently there are over 50 strategic partners.  The program seeks to:

Provide access to businesses that will grant CEG members “Preferred Customer” status.

Help Strategic Partners grow their businesses by marketing their goods and services throughout our member churches.

Work collaboratively to improve the economic condition of our community.

Through our Strategic Partners program, our members will be provided quality goods and services at a discount.  At the same time we are building stronger businesses as a result of out targeted patronage.
The History of CEG
The Collective Empowerment Group, Inc. (CEG), formerly the Collective Banking Group, Inc. (CBG), was formed in 1993 as a result of concerns raised by
pastors and church members in Prince Georges County and the Metropolitan D.C. area regarding inequitable access to services provided by local banks and businesses.
Churches were faced with severe challenges due to redlining and other questionable practices.
A group of pastors met to discuss means to gain economic empowerment and financial justice in their business dealings.  After several meetings, the group decided to join its efforts under the name The Collective Banking Group of Prince George’s County,
(MD) and Vicinity.
Reverend Jonathan L. Weaver, pastor of Greater Mt. Nebo AME Church, was elected president and served in that capacity for more than twelve years. In January 2008, Reverend Weaver was elected to preside over the National CBG. Reverend Dr. Kerry A. Hill, pastor of New Chapel Baptist Church, succeeded Reverend Weaver and served as president through 2011.  In January 2012, Reverend Anthony G. Maclin, pastor of The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square, was elected president.     In 2016, Reverend Marcellous Buckner, pastor of Marlboro Meadows Baptist Church was elected president.
In 1992, the CBG began interviewing 16 banks seeking the establishment of covenant relationship, whereby churches and congregation members would receive equitable banking services.
In 1995, the CBG signed its first covenant with four (4) banks: Riggs Bank, Industrial  Bank, Enterprise Federal Savings Bank, and the Harbor Bank of Maryland. Today, banking partners include Industrial Bank and Eagle Bank. In addition, The Collective Banking Group partners with more than two dozen organizations and businesses that offer a broad range of products and services to CBG members.
In 2010, the Board and member pastors reflected on the evolution of the CBG.  Over the years the organization had become a national faith-based community economic empowerment group, still advocating just treatment from banks…and much more.
By unanimous decision of the Board, the Collective Banking Group became the
Collective Empowerment Group, with increased focus on financial literacy,
education, healthcare, homeownership preservation, public safety and public policy.The new name demonstrates the CEG’s expanded role in “building a healthy and empowered church, people and community.”